Behind the Names Noctis + Solis

Behind the names Noctis and Solis

The Noctis and Solis suits were released as a limited-edition collection for Resort 2020. The timeless silhouette, with detailed trim and the ribbed fabric, was designed to be versatile. At Akinda Co. we believe in versatility because the sun doesn’t just shine at the beach.

Akinda Co. was established to inspire spontaneity in those who wore her clothing. We started with the bodysuit, the core piece to one’s outfit. This elegant bodysuit was designed to be taken from the beach to brunch, complimenting the wearer on her journey wherever the day may lead her.

The name Solis and Noctis derive from the essence of transition and reflect one’s ability to move from day to night in Akinda’s suits. Solis, in Latin, means “of the sun” and Noctis translates to “of the night”.

At our core, the goal is to create versatile clothing to enable a more sustainably-conscious lifestyle. Thus, we started at your core with the bodysuit. We are not stopping there, the future for Akinda Co. is thoughtfully versatile clothing to accompany you on any journey, in any destination.

Let’s live more in the moment, from dawn to dusk.


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