We Believe 

We live in an age of abundant experiences. We crave the sense of exploration a journey has to offer. Travel inspires us to learn, share, and connect in a new way.  We believe that taking a trip is an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and others. We celebrate each journey to empower our curiosity to create new perspectives on the world around us.


Our Inspiration 

We are inspired by the spontaneity and sense of exploration that a trip has to offer. To live simply through a journey, we believe that the chaos of planning needs to be refined. We outfit you for the world ahead, so you can focus on experiencing the moment. 


What We Create 

We reimagined the travel wardrobe by creating timeless, modern luxury to inspire new sensations of spontaneity. Our styles have been thoughtfully designed with your aspirations and stories in mind - from gallery tours to walks along the coast. We keep packing simple, creating elevated essentials that mix and match for any occasion. 

Beginning at the core, we focused on minimalism and ease. We created versatile bodysuits because the sun doesn’t just shine at the beach. 

Using traditional manufacturing and craftsmanship in Los Angeles we create suits from the highest quality materials. Each detail is designed to bring comfort and elegance to your journey - with no extra baggage. 

Our Story 

Our story began when I was long-distance with my partner and living several states away from my family. 

With an intense schedule, packing was the last thing on my mind. 

Yet, just nights before each trip I would spiral into a frenzy, clothing piled at my feet, trying to curate a special wardrobe. 

Whether it was a weekend in LA, hiking in the Rockies, or walking the hills of San Francisco I craved outfits that complimented my unique experiences. 

I started Akinda Co. to create a hand-curated travel wardrobe to empower women to simply live in the moment.

Akinda Johnson, Founder + CEO