Our Ethos

At Akinda Co. we like to look at sustainability as a lifestyle we strive to achieve - a standard behind everything we do. Our goal is to look past the current norms of fashion and challenge ourselves to explore thoughtful practices that will sustain over time. We subsequently, use traditional techniques of high-quality manufacturing paired with thoughtful details in design and fabric to create a lasting product. 

Sustainable Textiles 

When we design, we not only think of the longevity of the product through high-quality and versatility, but we also think about the end of the product. How do we produce the least amount of waste? Through the use of Amni Soul Eco “smart” yarn in our lining we are working to make our suits more biodegradable. This smart yarn decomposes (only in a landfill) in 5 years compared to 50 plus years for traditional nylon. 

For Akinda Co., fast biodegrading textiles are just the beginning. We are exploring the future of textiles and what that looks like for apparel. 

Ethical Working Conditions 

We chose to partner with a family-owned production facility in Los Angeles so we could guarantee excellent working conditions, high-end design details, and the ability to oversee the production of each piece we create.